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At InnovThink, we are research practitioners. We are data driven and evidence based in developing our coaching services. And we try to bring that learning back to our clients. 

One of the outputs of our recent research carried out in collaboration with Kevin Allen, Chief Community Officer at openExO and Stewart Desson, CEO of Lumina Learning, with the purpose of measuring and defining the exponential mindset, is a tool to help you assess your Exponential Adaptability as a leader or professional in the context of the accelerated convergence of disruptive technologies. 

This self assessment quotient can be used to  compare your exponential adaptability to an established benchmark from within the exponential community. It creates a starting point for further development and coaching. The EAAS also enables organizations running openExO Sprints to measure teams prior to and after the 10 week sprints.

The scale was adapted based on the excellent work done by Mark Savickas and Erik Porfeli (2012) in their work creating their Career Adapt-Abilities Scale, which they tested and validated across 13 countries. They established four scales of psychosocial resources: Concern, Control, Curiosity and Confidence. This inventory was adapted for the exponential environment and two exponential adaptability norms were measured and established. We were therefore able to create an Exponential Adaptabilities Quotient - for exponentially minded and for highly minded individuals, in order for you to put your own results in context. 

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