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Choose InnovThink because we are rooted in Excellence and Recognized Globally

A coaching journey backed by over 20 years in business and digital innovation, an MSc in Business Coaching and Behavioural Change, and an array of advanced certifications in systemic leadership and team coaching, innovation sprint methodologies, and psychometric assessments.


A Testament to Success: A Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 100 underlines the unmatched satisfaction and transformative impact experienced by leaders and organizations we've partnered with.


Award-Winning Approach: Honored with an ExO Transformation Award and an EMCC Team Coaching Award, acknowledging groundbreaking achievements in coaching and organizational change.


Contributions to Thought Leadership: As a contributor to the best-selling Exponential Organizations 2.0 book and a systemic team coaching faculty member, Tania is at the forefront of defining the future of leadership and organizational excellence.

Proven Impact: The Leadership Transformation Index (LTI) - A key part of our approach is the Leadership Transformation Index (LTI), a powerful measure of the growth leaders experience through our programs. Tracking pre and post-workshop transformation, leaders report their transformational shift on a scale (positive or negative) , representing the spectrum of leadership progression. Over the last two years, across more than 50 workshops with hundreds of leaders, we've proudly achieved an average LTI score of +70%. This quantifiable metric underscores the profound impact of our approach on leadership development.

Transformative Leadership for the Future 


The InnovThink coaching experience is tailored for those who seek to not just lead but transform. It's for leaders who envision their organizations as beacons of innovation, sustainability, and exponential growth. Our proven results, evidenced by the Leadership Transformation Index, demonstrate our commitment to not only envisioning but actualizing transformative growth in leadership capabilities.

Are you ready to elevate your leadership and transform your organization with a future-focused approach that has been globally recognized and celebrated for its impact and innovation?


"Tania's substantial experience in business life makes her a perfect coach for Managers and Executives. She covers not only the classical personal coaching, put adds a systemic view and an impressive know-how on challenges related with digitalization."

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