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Developing corporate sustainability

Developing and enabling a net positive business model

Leadership teams are undoubtedly facing the greatest challenge in their leadership development and performance than perhaps ever before. The uncertainty, complexity, speed of technological and ecological change and its disruptive impact, that is often outside of their area of expertise are all leaving leadership teams short on time to step back from operational responsibilities as a team and jointly co-reflect in order to co-create a roadmap to their imagined future and the business models to get there.

InnovThink facilitates the co-creation and alignment by the leadership team and their own internal teams (which often includes external stakeholders) to address these new challenges.

Tomorrow's business understands that sustainability is fundamental to the resources, the social and economic fabric that their very survival depends on.


To thrive in that future, business have started to build for that already. Businesses that haven't are behind the curve. 

Develop from within

Sustainability is not a one and done project. It has it own purpose. For organizations that have embraced it, they have seen a multiple in their growth and returns as well.

Embracing sustainability for the long term means businesses have to develop it from within, Our approach is to sprint with your leadership team and with your teams to develop what that means for you.

A longer time horizon is just one facet of a net positive mindset. It is about thinking beyond the next financial year, the next shareholder meeting. It is about building a business for the next generation. 

It is also about moving from a shareholder to a stakeholder focus in creating long term value.  

As technology innovation accelerates, and the urgency to move towards net positive business grows, new business models will emerge. 

Exploring and evolving these new business models from within with your leadership team and your own teams will enable you to make a leap forward in future fitness and readiness.

Future Fit

Net positive mindset

New Business Models



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