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Co-creational Insighting for the leadership team

Outside-In digital business insighting as a core leadership team process

Leadership teams are undoubtedly facing the greatest challenge in their leadership development and performance than perhaps ever before. The uncertainty, complexity, speed of technological change and its disruptive impact, that is often outside of their area of expertise are all leaving leadership teams short on time to step back from operational responsibilities as a team and jointly co-reflect in order to co-create key business and disruptive innovation insights.

InnovThink facilitates what today needs to be a regular leadership process - usually quarterly at the current pace of change so that this investment of their time is productively spent on the business, rather than in the business. It addresses the key challenges in perspective and decision-making leadership teams face.

Most leadership teams have data, lots of data, too much data to process. As a result, a habit of mostly ignoring it sets in. 


At intervals, leadership teams need to jointly consider how they use data to make decisions or how and what can help them make them better and faster.


Exponential technology is impacting the very fabric of society and organizations' customers. In particular, it is irrevocably changing their expectations.


Taking time to consider the implications within the wider strategic view of an organization's imagined future is key.

Every department already collects data and compiles metrics. More often than not however, there is too much of it, and when it gets passed up to leadership, does not help them make better strategic decisions.


And 9 times out of 10, it's because the leadership team has not considered what they really need and passed that down to their departments.

This time away to co-reflect and co-create has an added benefits, in that it slows down the hyper active mode most leadership teams are constantly in.


This coached space enables a differentiated perspective and creates a greater sense of control on the changing business landscape.

Data Driven

Metrics that matter




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