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Organizational Disruptive Transformation Readiness

Sustainable change that drives performance

As technology accelerates, leaders are challenged to make their organizations continuously future fit and innovate new processes, products and business models to meet tomorrow's customer needs. To build disruptive transformation readiness, leaders are integrating the 3 key elements of an organisation that thrives and drives growth in constantly uncertain times - Strategy, Leadership and Culture.

Innovthink helps organisations develop their leaders, the leadership team and their culture to align around the future needs of their customers, to lead with a disruption mindset and to set up a culture that thrives and drives disruptive transformation. Read about one of our award winning coaching programmes here.

Three key pillars underpin the integration of strategy, leadership and culture - the mindset to adopt exponential thinking, the competencies & behaviours needed to underpin a learning and innovation culture, and the emotional well-being that is needed to embrace rather than fear the accelerating change ahead. 

Strategy is a continuous process and is no longer disconnected from technological progress.

This collaborative process requires a systemic stakeholder perspective, team alignment, consideration of the blindspot not in the room, and  multi-horizon thinking around the key market accelerants.

Leadership behavior impacts

50-70% of the quality of an organisation's culture.


For an organisation that thrives in an ever faster, more complex global environment where disruption can come from anywhere, fostering an exponential mindset is business critical. 


Developing an openness to change, learning behaviors that empower and inspire followers, building a coalition to make change happen are all essential parts of leadership today. 

An organisation's culture accounts for 35% of organisational performance.


Shifting a culture to support massive disruptive and continuous transformations can mean redesigning the core beliefs, the underlying practices that embody that belief and setting up new structures and processes.


It means creating a learning culture because the skills and competencies making organisations successful today might not relevant tomorrow.

Coaching that integrates

Aligning Strategy

Creating Disruptors



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