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Coached Leadership Assessment as a process

Data driven assessment and personalized insight as drivers of leadership growth 

Independent, unbiased and confidential 

The speed with which exponential technologies are impacting society and business is accelerating. HR leaders tasked with the development of leaders and employees in their organizations, are challenged to create assessment and development processes that improve performance, drive engagement and enable a future proof transformation culture.

Measurably producing more effective leaders requires regular assess-ment of leadership competencies. Due to the increasingly complex roles leaders fulfill, the focus of the assessment are not the leaders in isolation but also their connections. Only a 360 assessment provides the data for that.

Assessments are based on the leadership competencies needed to succeed in tomorrow's business. 

Starting from there, a personal development road map from here to there is created with the leader.

In a fast moving global environment, an internal view - even if 360 - is not enough. Measuring performance against a benchmark of top global leaders protects against developing complacency blind spots.

In addition to the comprehensive data driven assessment, leaders are provided with an in depth debrief and development goals are collaboratively set.

These can be supported with further coaching.

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