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Building a learning culture

A learning culture that outpaces the changing business environment

Independent, unbiased and confidential 

The disruption to business processes and models from exponential technologies also means perpetual disruption for leaders, teams and employees. A learning culture is a now foundational requirement for an organization that thrives in the exponential technology age.

At InnovThink, we help you code a culture that supports a continually evolving imagined future of the organization.​ We do this by coaching your teams to build and evolve that culture from within.

Building a new mindset starts with learning and trusting new behaviours. We assess current   behaviours, consider underlying beliefs and create programs to develop new beliefs and model new behaviours.

Learning to learn is a competency that can be developed. We create a coaching programme that develops key attributes for learning: self-awareness, aspiration, curiosity and humility.

Leaders model behaviour

With leadership impacting 50-70% of culture, changing it happens from the top down. 

We work with leaders to develop key behaviours that they need to model to build trust that change can happen.


Reward system

for learning

Setting up a suitable reward system for learning is key. This enables a culture of critical but supportive collective thinking, of changed attitudes to weaknesses, failures and knowledge gaps.

Nurture a

Growth Mindset

Learn to Learn



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